Our New Website!

We have some exciting news for all of our customers!

We have completely revamped our website to make it more user friendly for all of you that love B. Prince! There are many different ways to use this website to create a more interactive experience with you all. It will feature brand new products as they come in, the designers we carry, and also exclusive looks you can’t get anywhere else! This website has been in the works for a few months now and we could not be more excited to show it to our loyal customers.

Here is how to use this brand new feature to our store:

The homepage: This is the first page you will see when you visit the new site. It will display the many possibilities a viewer can have while also giving an opportunity to subscribe to our newsletters/daily emails, our Instagram, and the rest of our social media accounts.

The “What’s New” Tab: One of our most exciting features. This will offer our 12 newest items in the store for apparel, shoes, and accessories. Each new item will include the style, design, and price! This will be updated weekly! So keep an eye out for new items on this tab so you can grab them before they are gone.

The Lookbook Tab: This will show you many different creative looks our stylists have created and modeled by your very own B. Prince team! Some outfits will even be linked so you can view exactly which pieces we chose.

Designers Tab: This shows the designers we have handpicked to sell in the store. Click on your favorite ones to see if we have any new styles available!

Blog Tab: This is a direct link to our Blog website!

We are so excited to have this available to the dedicated clients and this website is truly a thank you to you all. Click the link below to visit the new site!

Our Brand New Website!

-B. Prince bprince crown

5 thoughts on “Our New Website!”

  1. My favourite store. The girls there are friendly and helpful. They help me to try new things. Now all I need is more.


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